Introducing SimplifyLabs

Practical. Pragmatic. Configurable. Tailored to your business.

Our consultancy frameworks sit at the heart of our proposition. They are designed to enable us to work with you quickly, efficiently and in a consistent and repeatable way. They have been developed through practitioner and experience led engagements with our clients across the Wealth industry, so not only are they real, they’re practical and insightful.

Simplify Labs
More details about our tools and frameworks are set out below. While they form a key part of our service proposition in helping our team deliver our engagements, we also offer a licensing model, so that our clients can also benefit from them. Get in touch with us today to explore how our tools and frameworks can help you.
Capability Model

The Simplify Capability Model

Our cloud based, Wealth focused capability model underpins our engagements and our methodology. The model enables us to assess businesses in a consistent, repeatable and detailed way to maximise results. The model has grown organically since our inception and has now been used to support a number of different activities, including:

  • Request for Proposals and tender initiatives
  • Tender responses
  • Capability maturity assessments
  • Compliance assessments
  • Strategy gap analysis

The model has real depth in Wealth products and functions and provides full visibility from capability all the way through to process, to quickly enable a business to understand how it can or should services its customers. While we always provide consultancy support and training on the model we also encourage end users to configure the model to meet their own needs and to be self-sufficient. This reduces the consultancy dependency over time and the cost to use.

We’re confident that the model can be used to provide real insight into our client’s businesses and to help quickly answer fundamental questions about future investment, optimisation opportunities, product launches, outsourcing (or insourcing) and technology selection exercises.

Contact us to discuss the model further.

Headcount Modelling

Headcount Modelling

Complimentary to our Capability Model is our Headcount Modelling tool, which enables us to quickly and efficiently model the impacts of changes upon a business in respect to its resource provision.

The model can be used in a number of ways:

  • To help assess the impact of organic changes upon the business (e.g. sales growth)
  • To plan for strategic change and understand the resources required in the future to support increasing volumes or new product launches
  • To identify optimisation opportunities; to assess existing business processes and where there may be scope to improve those processes to lower the cost to serve.
  • To truly understand resource costs at a business process level to ensure alignment with strategy.

The tool is user-friendly, simple to use and highly configurable and the Simplify team can train end users on its use or utilise it as part of a consultancy engagement.

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