The Simplify Consulting Charity Quiz Night

charity logoOur virtual quiz night is being held on Thursday 24th September at 5:30 pm.

The event is aiming to raise some money for The Dorset Children’s Foundation and the Rainbow Trust whilst having a bit of fun!  There will be some fantastic prizes on offer too!

All proceeds will be donated equally to the two charities.  If you are interested, please register on the form below and make a donation of your choice on the charity page here

Nearer to the event, we will email you with clear instructions on how to join the quiz on the day.

Hope to see you there!Simplify_charity

Please note: If you would like to enter as a team, you will need to be in the same location or have the ability to communicate with each other outside of the quiz application we are using for the event.  If you are entering as a team, one person will need to be responsible for plugging in the answers. 

Step 1 - Please enter your personal details

Step 2 - Donation

To participate in our quiz, please make a donation of your choice on this charity page: Note – Your donation goes to both charities, the amount you enter into the donation box will be the amount that goes to each charity, therefore if you want to donate £10 please enter £5 as your donation and both charities will get £5 each. Donate Pal charges a small fee which is shown separately so feel free to reduce your charitable donation to accommodate.

Simplify Consulting Ltd will use your name, contact number and email address to contact you from your enquiry. For full details of how we handle your personal data please read our Terms & Conditions confirming your agreement and understanding of them by checking this box.