Simplify Training

Simplify Consulting are proud to provide training in Change, Resourcing and Wealth disciplines. Please find a list of our available training courses below.  Our pricing is competitive and tailored to your needs. Please get in touch for any individual or group bookings.

Agile Training

How Agile are you? Do you need help delivering change? Do you need to know how Agile can be applied practically and pragmatically?

This is a two day course focussing on the practical elements of Agile.

Course Overview

  • Welcome & Intro – Introduce the attendees and trainers, and gauge the experience of Agile.
  • Intro to Agile – Introduce the Agile Manifesto, values and principles
  • Why Agile? – Problems Agile tries to address etc
  • Overview of some of the common Agile Approaches – includes approaches such as SCRUM, Kanban, XP etc.
  • The Team – Introduce the key roles.
  • Common tools and techniques (High-level, more detailed material can be provided for day 2) – US (INVEST), Continuous Integration, Auto testing, BDD, TDD etc
  • What will work for you? – An exercise to help candidates think pragmatically about what elements of the different approaches would suit them
  • Adopting Agile – How should you pragmatically go about adopting Agile. What is key, what will evolve, importance of understanding own business

Third Party Administrator or Wealth Platform Training:

We provide training to those within your organisation who may have just joined from a non-financial background or those not involved directly in the day to day activities and will benefit by understanding what you do as a UK TA or Platform (Although the training can be easily tailored to provide much needed continual professional development).  From industry overviews, product and fund explanations, key processes and a high level regulatory framework, our training helps develop and grow your staff to ensure that the all areas of your business is joined up. A 2 day course, presented in conjunction with a detailed training pack and final exam we aim to create a plan that provides a real benefit to you and your employees.

The training has been designed to be delivered over a two day period with defined learning objectives and culminates in a final test that can be used for further assessment, but also to evidence understanding.


The training is suitable for IT developers (on & offshore), Change Professionals (BA’s, PM’s etc), Operational Administrators (on & offshore) and Shared Services Functions (Risk, Compliance, Product etc).

TPA or Wealth Platform Course Overview – the course will cover the following topics

  • Overview & introduction to Third Party Administrators or Wealth Platforms
  • Business relationships
    • TPA: ACD/Fund Manager, Fund Accountant, Investment Manager, Custody, Depositary
    • Wealth Platforms: Fund Manager, Advisers, Networks
  • Funds & Products – OEICS, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, PAIFs, ISAs, SIPPs
  • Client & Transaction lifecycle – Registration, Dealing, Pricing, Settlement, Box Management, Charges, Investor Communications
  • Corporate Actions – Distributions, Mergers, Fund Closures
  • The Client – Invoicing, Contract, SLAs, Oversight
  • Regulatory Environment – CASS, HMRC ISA Reporting, COLL, RDR

Understanding will then be tested and accredited at the end of the two days, with a final multiple choice exam.


  • Improved staff motivation, job satisfaction and morale (i.e. an understanding of how all the elements of TPA / Wealth Platforms fit together)
  • An understanding of what a Third Party Administrator or Wealth Platform does
  • A broad understanding of the departmental activities and how they link together
  • A view of the regulatory environment and its importance within the industry
  • A basis of knowledge to be able to take forward in completing further examinations within the CISI framework