Simplify Webinars

Wealth: The Past, The Present, The Future

Presented by our Head of Frameworks & Lead Consultant, Nick Clarke, we’re joined by David Simpson, Carl Anderson and Simon Thompson to talk about Wealth Operations and how it has survived the pandemic in 2020. We explore the results of our COO survey and discuss how technology has enabled Wealth businesses to keep the lights on during this most unprecedented of years.

This is the first in a series of four Webinars hosted by members of the Simplify team and focusing in on the challenges and opportunities facing Operations and Change teams across Wealth organisations.

You can watch a recorded version of our first Webinar here

Transfers Deep Dive

Join our lead Consultant Dominic House, in conversation with industry experts Michelle Cracknell and Alan Salamon focusing on why transfer journeys are behind the curve on digitisation and where do we feel providers could do more? What are some of the barriers to increasing the digitisation of the transfer process? What are some the improvements that can be made to move us closer to giving the customer a better user experience?

Hosted by our very own Matt Short, click here for a chance to watch a repeat of this insightful and thought-provoking session.

Transformational Change in Wealth

Presented by our Director, Carl Woodward and in conjunction with Steve Roberts (Head of Transformation at Diligenta), Karl Lawless (Head of Sales at FintechOs) and Simplify Non-Executive Director and Consultant, Warwick Clews, we discuss transformational change post the pandemic. We look at how companies have coped in managing ‘business as usual’ while continuing to deliver transformational change and what some of the impacts of remote working have been on the success of those deliveries.

You can watch a recorded version of our third webinar here.

Strengthening Your Control Environment

Presented by our Director, Kate Monserrate: It’s been a busy 12 months for control functions across the Wealth sector. We’ll show you how you can strengthen your approach to risk and control to minimise the impact of future uncertainties. In this webinar, we’ll look at what’s changed since the start of the pandemic, as well as discussing control failures that have occurred across the sector, to help you avoid the hidden pitfalls.

Our panel of experts will share their perspectives of these challenges and explain potential solutions, including:

• How their experience of the control environment compares with the state of play 12 months ago

• How you can use these insights to help focus your planning for 2021

• And what the future holds in terms of being adaptable to change especially with the dawn of home working and wet signatures no longer being needed

If you’re looking for practical ways to improve your control environment, this is the webinar for you..

You can watch a recorded version of our fourth webinar here.

We share our webinars to our associate network and beyond at no charge. However, each year we raise money for a fantastic charitable cause and this year, despite the difficult climate, is no different. We’re raising funds for the Dorset Children’s Foundation and the Rainbow Trust. We’re operating a ‘donate if you wish’ approach for the Webinar and so to support two fantastic causes, simply click here:

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Linked-In Hints & Tips

The first in our series of webinars focuses on helping you with your Linked-In profile to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

As a Consultancy firm that relies on connecting with wealth practitioners who have expertise in specific areas, we use LinkedIn as a tool to find new connections that may be suitable to join our Associate network. We have access to LinkedIn Recruiter, which many other types of companies such as recruitment agencies will use. We want to share our insight of what we have learnt to help you create and adapt your profile to ensure its as effective as it can be and ensure your profile gets in front of the right people for the right roles at the right time. The LinkedIn Hints and Tips sessions we have run with our associates tells us that there are many things that the users of LinkedIn are not aware of.

Linked-In Hints & Tips: Recorded & Written by Matt Short and Giang Hughes.