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Our vision is to be the expert and trusted source of consultancy services to the financial services sector.

We work with businesses in the financial services sector, across the whole value chain: platform providers, fund managers, transfer agencies, technology providers and advisers, to help them:

How we deliver

Tailoring our Frameworks

Tailoring our Frameworks:

We recognise that every engagement brings its own unique challenges and opportunities and we tailor our methodology accordingly to fit the brief. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Delivering Positive Outcomes

Delivering Positive Outcomes:

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to understand and identify the primary outcomes from each engagement. We are delivery focused and leave no stone unturned to realise the objectives defined.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

Building Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in developing long-term relationships where mutual trust, benefit  and respect are at the heart, creating an ongoing partnership. We pride ourselves in seeing engagements through to benefit realisation and beyond.

Capability Model

Our capability model provides a consistent method through which a Wealth, Life and Pension or Transfer Agency business can be assessed and benchmarked. It provides a simple and efficient method to:

Assess the Maturity of the Services Provided

Our capability model enables services to be consistently assessed against a set of criteria, to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Performance against industry peers

Through our engagements we have populated our model with insight enabling companies to assess how well they perform against their competition.

Identify opportunities to enter new markets

The model can be used to identify capability gaps – areas where solutions need to be sought to facilitate entry into different markets or geographies.

To facilitate vendor selection processes

The tool has been used extensively to support RFP initiatives, helping organisations assess the merits of a number of proposals and providing a standard framework through which to perform that assessment.

Strategy Implementation

The model provides a focus upon how an organisation is investing in its business and how that aligns with its strategic imperatives.

Capability. Service. Process.

The capability model has evolved through real-world practical use, helping to support RFP initiatives, service maturity and system capability assessments. It is comprehensive yet simple to use, quick to complete and insightful and it plays a key role in identifying strategic direction and facilitates comparisons with competitors. It works through the layers of capability, service and process to assess maturity and provide rich exec level analysis into a businesses’ strengths and weaknesses.

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