If you don’t feel like you are getting the most out of your usage of Scrum, then Henrik Kniberg’s Scrum checklist can be used as a useful health check. I like the Scrum Checklist because it doesn’t mandate a certain approach, and the first three questions simply ask if your current usage of Scrum is delivering the results you need, ie are you regularly delivering business value and improving the way you work, and if so then everything is fine and ignore the rest of the checklist. We are all for pragmatic usage of Agile, particularly given the environment within Financial Services, that we typically operate in.

The Scrum checklist is simply a list of all the things the project or team should, or could have, to operate in the most efficient way, when using Scrum. It takes the structure of asking if you use a particular part of the scrum approach, and if so, asks some specifics about each. If you answer no to anything, then it may be something worth considering.

For new teams that are establishing themselves the checklist can help to get everyone on the same page and to understand how the product will be delivered.

Every business, project and team are different, so adopting an approach that is right and suits the environment is essential. It isn’t always easy to get it right first time, so adapting and learning is a key element and the checklist can help you with this, as it has helped us.

Simplify Consulting are experienced at helping teams work more effectively together, particularly as they seek to adopt Scrum and other agile approaches in a way that suits their business.

Our team can help you to identify and adopt an approach individually suited to you by working with you to understand the environment you operate in and supporting with the education of members of your business through our one and two-day training courses.

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