An operating model is the blueprint of an organisation’s processes, roles, and responsibilities. It defines how a business operates and delivers value to its customers. While this may sound abstract, the power of a visual operating model can make it tangible and actionable.

A visual operating model provides a clear and concise representation of the organisation. This can help stakeholders to understand the current state of the business and identify areas for improvement. By making the operating model visible, it becomes a shared language and framework for communication and collaboration among teams.

At Simplify Consulting, we specialise in helping financial services businesses develop and implement updated operating models that drive efficiency, adaptability, and innovation. Our team of experts includes experienced Business Architects who can help you design and implement an updated operating model that can include a focus on various areas of your business-like process design and compliance with current and future regulations.

An updated operating model can also improve efficiency and productivity. By streamlining processes and identifying bottlenecks, an updated model can help your business work more efficiently and get more done in less time. Guided by a skilled Business Architect it can help ensure that your operating model is optimised for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Another benefit of an updated operating model is that it can help your business stay compliant with current regulations. Quickly identifying what areas are affected by new or current regulations. In addition, the model can help you drive innovation and growth. By encouraging collaboration and creativity, an updated operating model can help you identify new opportunities and develop innovative solutions to challenges.

An operating model is most useful when easily understood. Having a single view of your whole business on a page is invaluable and at a glance can quickly show vital information and who is best to cover which piece of the business.

A well-designed operating model page view can help users understand the functions and relationships between different components of a system, Additionally, a visual operating model can also aid in communication and collaboration among teams. It provides a common language and framework for understanding the business.

A single page view helps to convey the information more efficiently than relying on verbal explanations alone. This can be especially useful when trying to convey abstract or technical information, this allows the conversation to skip all the What, Where Who questions which take a lot of time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a visual Operating Model view can help you, contact Simplify Consulting today. Our team would be happy to discuss your needs and provide a personalised solution to help your business.