I work with so many amazing people. Capable, intelligent, insightful…and that’s just Carl 😊

One common theme I have noticed is people’s lack of confidence in their own ability. This is definitely not intended to be a feminist post or exclude men or anyone in fact. I am writing this from a personal perspective and perhaps I notice it more in women…

I used to lack so much confidence – I would question everything I did…I would always worry what I produced or said wasn’t good enough. The real step change for me happened when Carl and I left permanent employment and launched into the world of entrepreneurship. If you ever want something to knock your confidence, then start a business! The continual knock backs and “thanks but no thanks” can definitely dent your self belief!! But for me, it had the opposite effect. We were doing something different. We were taking control of our own professional future. I then decided to embrace my lack of confidence. I’m now 40…and can people really change who they are at that age? Lacking confidence is actually part of who I am. It makes me work a million times harder, it makes me tenacious, resilient and determined to do an amazing job for our business and our clients. It has never stopped me doing anything so instead of seeing it as a weakness, I see it as a strength.

We observe many people in the job we do. We consult. And the main part of that job is listening and observing. I have watched many women struggle with their own confidence – you can see it. And from talking to some of them, I know that a lack of confidence has stopped them from doing something – from speaking up in a meeting, challenging somebody else, putting themselves forward for an opportunity. I wish these amazing, talented, intelligent and capable women believed in themselves more and didn’t let a lack of confidence hold them back. What’s the worse that could happen? Isn’t it better to say something than stay silent, even if you make a mistake? Don’t let your confidence become a crisis. Embrace it!

If you are looking to be part of a supportive team, then please get in touch. We are always looking for amazing consultants and change / wealth professionals to extend our network.


Kate Monserrate – Director & Founder