Seven years in and we’re busier than ever, more clients than ever, more variety in our work than ever before and as business owners, there are certainly more sleepless nights than ever – there are lots more mouths to feed these days! As we grow, our brand has grown. We’re really proud of our Simplify story and how it has become more than just a name to us, but an ethos and way of working in delivering for our clients. However brand awareness has been one of the biggest challenges throughout our existence. We don’t have a huge marketing budget and so shouting about what we do is not only financially challenging, but as people, it’s not really in our DNA either. Over the past seven years we’ve just been getting on and doing a great job for our clients, so good that we’re invited back time and time again. But in the current pandemic we live through and the challenges in getting out and meeting new people, we know that getting our brand, our business, our story and our value out there is more important than ever. We might be small and perfectly formed today, but we’re growing and we have huge ambitions and aspirations.

We’re quite active on Linked-In, we’ve sponsored events in the past and attended numerous industry gatherings and we regularly promote our charitable endeavours, but in all honestly, we’re very rarely one of the first names people think of when they look for consultancy support in Wealth. Our growth ambitions for the remainder of this year and into next mean we need to change that. We think we’ve got a compelling proposition, delivered by outcome focused Wealth practitioners who understand this market inside out, using tools and methodologies that major on being pragmatically and simply applied in a way that they add value quickly and efficiently. But we need more people to know that’s who and what we are. We need more potential clients to invite us to tenders and RFPs, because we think our consulting services compare favourably against our peers in quality, breadth, depth and price.

So over the coming weeks and months we’re embarking on a series of webinars, not to tell everyone how great we are (though that might be true, we’re far too modest to actually say it….), but to bring thought-leadership into areas across Wealth, where we think we have something valuable to contribute. We’re inviting some very important people (far more important than us) to join us and discuss some of the challenges facing businesses across life, pensions and investments as we live through a pandemic and approach a recession. And we’d love you to be there. So keep an eye out as we reveal the topics we’ll be discussing and the people we’ll be bringing to the party.

Oh and because we’re really keen on getting our name out there and making sure everyone knows who we are, we’ve only gone and put a sign on our offices. A big one…..

Simplify Sign

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Carl Woodward – Director