It won’t have escaped anyone that ‘charity’ is really important to us at Simplify. Whether it’s running the Jurassic Coast, hosting a race or quiz night, holding our annual golf day, playing 72 holes of golf in a day or organising a football tournament, we’re hugely passionate about raising money for great causes. With our team, the importance of fundraising is instilled right from the outset – it is just a part of being in the Simplify team and also forms part of our performance management framework. Each year we ask our team to identify and vote on the causes that resonate most with them; we want everyone to feel empowered, motivated and inspired to raise as much money for good causes as possible. This year it’s Forest Holme Hospice and Solent Mind, in previous years we’ve raised money for the Dorset Children’s Foundation, Rainbow Trust, Wessex Cancer Trust and many more.

We work incredibly hard to ensure that every single penny possible goes to helping people who need it – people who need it more than we do. We want every event to be the best possible event people attend, to ensure they have the most amazing time and come back year after year because they have the most brilliant day. When we started our golf day 8 years ago, we had 22 hardy golfers, this year we had 166. We’ve no doubt our other events will grow in a similar vein.

So we make no apology. We’ll keep shouting about everything we’re doing and we hope you’ll be a part of it, as attendees, sponsors, or supporters. Every year we’ll try and raise more money than the last. We’ll try different events, some will work and some won’t. We’ll encourage our team to make fundraising part of their DNA and we’ll give them every opportunity to do something amazing for people less fortunate. We’ll also support other charities; we’re not blinkered to only helping our own, we’ll always consider each and every request for help from suppliers, clients and friends of Simplify alike; we’re all part of the same journey and we know how hard it is.

And to be clear, we don’t do it for the kudos. Nothing delights us more than charities spending the money we raise to help the people that need it most. Boom or bust, recession or not, charity begins in the workplace.

We’re hosting our 1st ever Summer Ball in aid of Forest Holme and Solent Mind on 3rd September. If you are able to attend or support, we can promise you the most fabulous evening and all for great causes.

Kate Monserrate & Carl Woodward