I’m not one to look backwards too often, I prefer to look forwards but as one-year ends and another begins there are a couple of things I have reflected upon: –

I left HSBC after 19 years which was a big decision for me and not one, I took lightly. I gave it the due thought and consideration a big change deserves but I also believe if you overthink things then it’s not helpful you end up worrying about a load of stuff that may never happen. For me the change has been refreshing, given me a new energy and a different perspective on work, being in a small agile and thriving company versus a large conglomerate. Being part of the strategy is much more relatable when you are helping to create it than when someone just tells you what it is and asks you to believe in it and convince others to do the same.

The second thing I note is the impact recruitment can have on a business. I’ve been in and around recruitment for many years but only recently been attending seminars and events specifically about recruitment. Now I know from personal experience how recruitment can affect a business but I’m now seeing this more and more externally. It’s a huge challenge to recruit great people but if you get it right then it can transform your business, get it wrong and it can cripple it.

This links to my looking forward, where I also want to share two things: –

Firstly, I want to help more businesses attract and retain the right people to help them achieve success. Why? Well its my job so I kind of have to, right? But it’s no coincidence this is also what motivates me, helping companies succeed and individuals find the right job to help them feel valued and have a purpose as work.

The second thing for 2019 is my biggest challenge! As a company, Simplify Consulting are supporting Wessex Cancer as this is a charity close to many of us and we want to raise as much money as possible. We have our annual golf charity day in June whereby we are aiming to continue our trend of smashing the previous years money raised for charity and I’m confident we will do it again.

However, I want to do something personally to contribute to this great charity and what better way than to challenge yourself with something you’ve never done before, probably won’t enjoy and will push you to your limit, so I’ve decided to do a marathon.

The furthest I’ve run before is a half marathon which I did once and the thought of having to do it again straight after makes me feel a bit sick. Firstly, I need some trainers as I don’t normally do any running, I need some suitable clothes, I already have a few people stupid enough to do it with me and then I need to get training.

As I start a new year I have much to think about, focus on and prepare for.

What do you reflect on or look ahead to in 2019?