After 19 years working for a large multinational banking corporation I made the decision to leave.

I had never looked externally as I didn’t think it was worth the risk. When you spend so long in one place its easy to think; Are my skills transferable? What if I’m not good enough? Will it be as secure? What if the grass isn’t greener?

These are all good questions to ask yourself but they aren’t reasons not to leave or consider change. Having been put at risk of redundancy once and my wife twice, both at huge profitable companies, thinking you’re safe because of a companies size or profit is folly.

When the opportunity came to leave, I weighed up all the pros and cons of staying and leaving. I tried to discount any potential myths and just focussed on what I believe (not what I’ve heard), what I know and what my instincts are telling me. Sometimes you have to back yourself to do well, the chances are if you’ve done well at you current employer then there is nothing to suggest you can’t be successful elsewhere.

Its been almost 2 months since I left my long term employer and so far I’ve got no regrets. I love the fact that working for a small company means you can get decisions and make changes quickly. I feel like I can make a real difference and be an integral part of the business and genuinely help them achieve their strategy.

I also feel that having previously worked my way up the corporate ladder in one place means I have not been paid as well as if I moved around companies. For some reason some companies appear to pay more for external talent than they do internal and therefore you maybe financially disadvantaged for being loyal to one company.

In summary, when thinking about your career, don’t limit yourself to one company. Consider all your options, the pros and the cons of each and don’t let the fear of change stop you from making it.

Maybe I just got luck or maybe it’s too early to tell but don’t undervalue or restrict yourself. Sometimes if you want to achieve your goals or ambitions you have to take a chance, just make sure it’s a calculated one.