In a series of interviews, we will introduce you to the consultants from the Simplify Consulting team. Today we meet one of our wealth consultants to find out more about them, their background, and the work they are fulfilling at our busy consultancy.

Today’s spotlight is on Aneta Murdza Wealth Consultant at Simplify Consulting. Aneta has over 14 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry and specialises in managing and delivering change – both business, regulatory and IT change.

What do you do at Simplify?

As a Wealth Consultant with practitioner experience in Change, Risk and Investments I specialise in managing and delivering change; working with businesses to adopt and embed change. Given my background within the Risk and Regulatory space I often get involved in engagements related to the risk and control environment and remediation. For example, I help clients with identifying, assessing, and implementing controls and process improvements. I also work with clients to challenge and optimise processes, to help them reduce cost, waste, and risk.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

 The role of Wealth Consultant brings a huge amount of variety. I get to meet and work with a diverse range of people across numerous organisations, facing a variety of challenges and problems that need fixing. Helping clients to solve their problems, deliver on our commitments and building those new relationships gives me a real sense of achievement at the end of each project, which I enjoy a lot. But what is most important to me is being part of the Simplify team. You are supported by a great bunch of knowledgeable, passionate practitioners, who are always there to provide a sounding board or help when needed. Regardless of the problem, from providing technical regulatory advice to assurance on a recommended approach; the team are there to support. There is a can-do attitude, which is infectious. There is no problem that cannot be worked on and resolved together. We also share in each other’s successes and celebrate our achievements together.

What has been a big win for you since working at Simplify?

Recently, we successfully managed and delivered a risk and control remediation programme. The output included over 250 process maps, with 1,500 controls which were identified and assessed. This also included identifying missing controls. Following on from the delivery of the first phase, we developed a Control remediation plan and approach, which was agreed with the client and subsequently implemented. The Client successfully met their Regulatory commitments, and the project was delivered on time and within budget. They also significantly improved their control environment, providing numerous benefits to their business and most importantly, for their customers.

And finally, what do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Being out and about, exploring new paths of the New Forest or long walks along the coastline, seeing the world through the lenses of our kids helps me to recharge and relax. If I get any extra spare time (which rarely happens these days as most of the time outside of work is taken by activities with the little ones) I also enjoy playing the piano and planning our next home refurb projects.

Stay tuned for more insight to the Simplify team.

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