In a series of interviews, we will introduce you to the consultants from the Simplify Consulting team. Today we meet one of our wealth consultants to find out more about them, their background and the work they are fulfilling at our busy consultancy.

Today’s spotlight is on Richard Shearwood Consultant at Simplify Consulting.  Richard has over 10 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry and specialises in Business Analysis and Business Architect. Richard joined Simplify 1 and a half years ago as a Consultant in the Solution and Architect team. 

What’s a common problem/challenge that you deal with when working on engagements? 

One of the common problems we find is the lack of an overall view on what part of the business is doing. Taking wealth operations as an example we have had clients who have a vast operational team but no view on exactly how many process the operations cover and how they all connect.  

Using SimplifyDNA with its wealth of operational knowledge that the whole company has helped build we can come into a business with our defined process list and use our list as a starting point to help the client to generate their view. Once that list is defined, we can then use our Process flows from SimplifyDNA to quickly map the clients’ processes. 

This resulted in clients having a full and verified process list along with process maps for each item on that list with defined controls and possible improvement opportunities. 

What’s it’s been like working at Simplify?  

Since joining Simplify late 2020. Since starting I have worked on several external engagements and completed a lot of work on our capability model SimplifyDNA. 

I worked previously on an engagement which was a primarily process improvement project where we were asked to come into the business help them understand what processes they currently complete and how they all connect/work. 

On this project we were also asked to highlight any of the current controls in place as well as any opportunities that could improve a process. In total we mapped and analysed 32 processes over 2 months. 

While on this engagement it allowed me to use my TOGAF accreditation that Simplify helped me past earlier in the year.  

What has been a big win for you since working at Simplify? 

A big win for me in my first year was passing the TOGAF accreditation. Simplify funded me to complete the course and pass the exam.  

This has then enabled me to bring this knowledge to every engagement I have worked on and will work on. It has also inspired me to investigate other areas of Business Architect that interest me. For me this would be a Solution Architect role. While discussing this with Kate and Carl (the directors) they are very keen to help me meet my goals as it would also directly benefit our clients. 

Stay tuned for more insight to the Simplify team.

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