There can sometimes be the misconception, and certainly the case for me before joining Simplify, that consultancy firms must embed themselves into an organisation for an extensive amount of time on large programmes of work. They can span across many months and years in some cases, to deliver value to clients. Of course, there are engagements that need the time for us to understand the organisation, their challenges and what needs to be done to deliver successful outcomes and embed those changes.

At the heart of everything we do at Simplify is delivery. Tenacious delivery, one of our core values and put into practice every day by everyone working here. Applied to all engagements, whether they are a duration of a few weeks, a few months or longer.

Short engagements are also needed and incredibly valuable to our clients because they offer some dedicated focus that allows them to reach their outcome quickly without impacting BAU resources. The great thing about a shorter engagement from a consultant’s perspective is the satisfaction I get from delivering value is realised all the quicker. It’s such a great feeling to be making a difference and providing help and support.  From our client’s perspective they will learn of our straight-talking approach and our desire to help them achieve their objectives without any fuss or unnecessary red tape.  We meet with our client, understand the problem statement, agree the approach, and deliver.

We engage with clients by utilising a short proof of concept approach. This helps to address any uncertainties there may be for our client to clearly articulate the exact requirements. Or to ensure that we can deliver the requirements and solidify the approach between all parties.

Specialising in wealth, our team of practitioner-led consultants have a proven record for bringing benefits to our clients in the following areas:

Our capability model, SimplifyDNA, runs through all that we do and the comprehensive level of artefacts can be sourced and used as a baseline towards our specific engagements allowing us to hit the ground running.  Coupled with our experience and knowledge we can adopt a pragmatic approach that best suits the situation.

Over the course of this year we have had the pleasure of working with several clients where we have adopted this approach. Here are a couple of examples:

Client 1)              A platform engaged with us for process maps to be documented for approximately 100 processes.  This was completed within a timeframe of 3 months with current state process maps all documented and signed off with prioritised improvement opportunities presented to the business.

Client 2)               We engaged with a platform for a 2-month period, to help with developing their operating model.  Based on our experience and utilising Simplify DNA, we were able to quickly understand the requirement, progress and agree an operating model.

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Jayne Brown

Lead Consultant